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Build modern apartment buildings

Multiple-family homes with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 or 9 apartments in one building

Modernes Mehrfamilienhaus

Are you looking for a safe investment – long-term and with low risk?

From an economic and strategic point of view, investing in an apartment building is worthwhile – even for the private builder. After all, real estate is a safe financial investment with long life cycles and long-term returns.

SchwörerHaus as a full-service provider with an innovative and energy-efficient construction method and high, verifiable quality standards offers you a reliable processing. We are your construction partner from planning to turnkey house handover.

Examples of multiple-family homes with 2 – 9 apartments

Our multiple-family home concepts
hybrid design

Are you interested in the construction of a multi-storey apartment building or hotel?

Then the Schwörer hybrid design is an ideal choice.

All prefabricated components come from our own production facilities and the connection details are therefore optimally coordinated: prefabricated installation shafts, prefabricated bathrooms, external walls, stud walls, storey ceilings as false prestressed concrete ceilings, supporting structure. 

“In addition to planning and site management, Schwörer undertakes excavation and foundation construction, basement and underground car park construction, the outdoor facilities, installation of the lift, fitting the building with security technology and a control system. I am happy to help you with planning and implementation!“

Gerhard Heinzelmann

Head of multi-storey construction
Telefon +49 73 87 16 – 274

Multiple-family homes in stud wall design:
Why choose SchwörerHaus as a construction partner?

Mehrfamilienhaus in Gebäudeklasse-3

Semi-detached house with 3 apartments

Experience a multiple-family home live: Show home in Poing, Munich

It looks like a single-family home but is a multifunctional house with three residential units: the Schwörer show home in Poing combines space for a broad range of life stages under one roof – family home, comfort apartment and loft apartment. It can be used as a multi-generational house and/or financial investment.

It combines three different living concepts: a home over two storeys for one family, a ground-level comfort apartment on one level with garden access, and generous loft living with a gallery under the roof. For private investors, the innovative concept is of particular interest, as one of the apartments can be used by the owner and the other two units can be used and rented as a financial investment. Alternative option: Use as a multi-generational house.


Demolition and new construction of a modern semi-detached house

Mehrfamilienhaus Doppelhaus Kundenfamilie

The Seyb family opted for a new build with rental, rather than expensive renovation of the family home.

In 2015 Thilo Seyb had his grandparents’ 1932 house demolished. The previous renovation was 50 years before. “After discussions within the family, we had excluded further rental in the current condition, general renovation or sale of the entire property to a developer,” the building owner reports. “We wanted to keep the property in the family.” They opted for a new build with rental – and thus a future-proof investment.

At 695 m2 the Seyb family property was large enough for division and construction of a pair of semi-detached houses. “We completely separated the two halves in the land register, so that each of our two children will inherit one house,” the building owner says. He favours clear relations. The construction project was to be executed by a prefabricated house provider. “We wanted turnkey construction, without having to coordinate the individual trades or problems with workmen,” Thilo Seyb states. “We also favour the ecological material wood.”

After a few conversations with the architect and building consultant, it was clear: “The design of Schwörer architect Ralf Kästel exactly matched our ideas, and building consultant Michael Hemminger gave us many valuable suggestions.” This is how the family wanted it done.

The shape and size of the Seyb family’s new semi-detached houses are similar to those of the building owner’s original family home, naturally adjusted to suit the surroundings and the latest technology. Three storeys of cubic, white architecture in Bauhaus style, with surrounding penthouse patio – a modern urban villa with hipped roof.

Mehrfamilienhaus Reihenhaus zweigeschossig

Two-storey terraced houses

These modern, two-storey, terraced houses score points in particular for their Bauhaus architecture with plenty of daylight and a generous floor plan.

Further ideas for terraced house concepts can be found on the Sennestadt estate.

Mehrfamilienhaus Reihenhaus Alternative Staffelgeschoss

Alternatively: Terraced house with a penthouse storey

Special features: 3 children’s rooms, master area on the penthouse storey with large roof terrace.

Hillside house with 3 apartments

This modern, 3-family house on the hillside was planned with a Schwörer living area basement and integrated annex.

3-family house in twin pack

Details of the apartment floor plans can be found in our free multiple-family home catalogue.

Order a SchwörerHaus information pack now

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We are happy to send you a free information pack.

Neues Wohnen

3-family house with loft apartment

3-family house as holiday homes in Allgäu

Mehrfamilienhaus 3 Wohnungen Ferienwohnung

Why build a house as holiday homes?

Building owners, the Gaissers, were looking for a sensible, sustainable financial investment.

After receiving comprehensive information, they opted for construction of a guesthouse as an investment property. However, they began by gaining an impression from the Schwörer company site: “On the factory tour, the production gave a very good, reliable impression. We were convinced by the concept of ‘timber from short distances’,” Ulli Gaisser says. “It was also very positive that, with the architect, we were able to achieve an external design that is typical of the Allgäu region.”

Since then, the first tourists have been enjoying the modern furnishings in the 3 holiday homes, “Enzian”, “Alpenrose” and “Edelweiss”.

4-family house as an urban villa

Details of the apartment floor plans can be found in our free multiple-family home catalogue.

5-family house as an investment

Mehrfamilienhäuser mehrgeschossiges bauen

The building owner reports:

“For me as an investor, it is very advantageous that SchwörerHaus coordinates many services connected with the construction. That provides security. The execution quality is top notch. Moreover, the company scores points with its own customer service and a modernisation service. Because everything went so well, I have already invested in other building projects with Schwörer as a partner.”

Martin Verges

Details of the apartment floor plans can be found in our free multiple-family home catalogue.

6 apartments for families, single living and mini apartments for students​

6-Familienhaus mit Satteldach Grundriss OG

This multiple-family home with 6 residential units is convincing not only from the outside with its modern façade design but also with exceptionally well thought-out apartment/space planning.

The sales manager:

“When planning modern multiple-family homes, we ensure a balanced mix of apartments. This example shows apartments for families with 1 to 2 children, comfortable single living, and the mini apartment for students on the 2nd floor.”

Björn Beckers

The detailed floor plans are available to request for free.

8-family house with mix of apartments

8-Familienhaus Grundriss

This multiple-family home with 8 residential units scores points including with its large balconies, an external, covered stairway, a pergola access and a technology extension.

The building consultant:

As I support many investors, I can see the following advantages with Schwörer: fixed price guarantee even over a long development period, long experience in the construction sector with professional coordination, construction management with your own construction manager, planning adjusted to the budget with no loss of quality, individual planning taking into account the development plan and surroundings – especially important for building redevelopment. And, not least, the variety of projects from three-family house to holiday home is a great advantage.

Christoph Denlöffel

The detailed floor plans are available to request for free


9 apartments in country house style

9-Familienhaus Grundriss

This multiple-family home has 9 residential units with various apartment sizes with living area from approx. 70 to 90 m2.

The wooden façade, the purlin roof with large roof overhang, the dormer windows and balconies are ideally suited to the modern country house style.

The detailed floor plans are available to request for free.

The multiple-family home made by SchwörerHaus​

When you choose SchwörerHaus as a construction partner, you can be sure as the investor and building owner that our planners will take into account the legal and energy requirements as well as your individual wishes for construction of a multiple-family home.

Legal requirements for the construction of apartment building:

Building class 1 (GK 1): The houses have the same criteria as a single-family house, max. 2 residential units with solutions for sound insulation and building services.

Building class 2 (GK 2): Semi-detached houses or terraced houses with max. 2 residential units and fire protection wall between the houses. ( Otherwise, the same requirements apply as for building class 1.)

Building class 3 (GK 3): Houses with more than 2 residential units, height from surrounding ground to upper edge of flooring of topmost living space max. 7 m and max. 400 m² living space per residential unit. Higher requirements: sound and fire protection, building services, parking spaces, outdoor facilities. At least one apartment must be designed barrier-free (ideally on the ground floor).

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FlyingSpaces: Tiny Houses

FlyingSpaces or Tiny houses are high-quality modules that work as an entire mini house, single-room extension or even in combination.

Semi-detached houses

Semi-detached houses are a good alternative, when construction density is concerned. The construction of semi-detached and terraced houses is of interest for inner-city plots in particular.

Houses with an annex

Do you want a second, self-contained residential unit within your single-family home, so that you can rent it out or have grandparents or adult children in the house?

Multiple-family homes

Are you looking for a secure, long-term, low-risk investment? From a financial and strategic perspective, investment in a multiple-family home is worthwhile.


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