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In 10 steps to your Schwörer house

Prefabricated house construction with SchwörerHaus

In 10 Schritten zum SchwörerHaus

Step 1: Gathering ideas and information - compiling your own wish-list

Hausbau Informationen

There are many ways to find information on building a house, here are just a few:

  • Visit our show houses. Where can I find Schwörer show houses?
  • Browse through our website for topics you are currently interested in
  • Learn interesting details in our videos and reports
  • Receive the latest information and promotions through our Facebook page
  • Visit us at trade fairs and events such as customer house visits
  • Order your free information pack with our latest catalogues and promotions in all matters relating to SchwörerHaus
  • Do you have your own questions or want to receive a non-binding offer free of charge? Contact our building advisor. You can find here your own personal contact in your region.

Tip: Create your own wish list from your ideas and expectations as well as from examples you like, and make a note of open questions you would like to ask.

Step 2: Personalised consultation and planning

Individuelle Hausbau Beratung

The second step includes a personal consultation and planning with your Schwörer building advisor as well as an architect on site. You can bring your wishes and questions with you and we will support you with suggestions, our experience and suitable answers.

Tip: Each house is planned individually and adapted to meet customer wishes and the unique features of the plot itself. It would therefore be a big help if you could bring plans of the plot as well as your local building regulations with you – but don’t worry if you don’t have them at hand.

Step 3: Free offer

Ausstattungsberatung SchwörerHaus

A short time later you will receive a free, detailed offer as well as the matching plans for your dream house. These can then be discussed in the same group and adjusted if necessary.

Tip: We would be glad to welcome you to our company headquarters in Hohenstein-Oberstetten. At one of our building information days, you will receive a tour of the plant, visiting our production facilities and the Design Centre as well as have a change to attend interesting specialist presentations by our house-building experts. Register through your building advisor – it’s free.

Step 4: Detailed planning,plan assessment, submission of building application

Hausbau Planung

After you have signed the purchase contract, there follows the detailed planning with the architect, the planning assessment by SchwörerHaus and the submission of building application plans. Only at this point does the deposit of 10% become due.

Once the planning permission and the multiple production plans (final, signed plans) have been received, the building project will be scheduled for further processing based on the capacity available. The respective sequence of dates depends on a number of factors, such as the receipt of confirmation of financing details, consultation regarding fixture and fittings, floor slab, basement assembly, etc. We always do this in conjunction with you.

Step 5: Excavations, sewer/drain and concrete works are put out to tender

Keller von SchwörerHaus

Uniform and therefore comparable bids are submitted for excavations, sewer/drain and concrete works. This is coordinated by SchwörerHaus, but you determine to which local building/construction company it will be awarded.

If you are having a Schwörer basement built too, we require confirmation of the financing details at this point. Once this confirmation has been received, structural analysis and construction plans will be drawn up.

Step 6: Invitation for consultation on fixure and fittings

Ausstattungsberatung SchwörerHaus

In the sixth step, you will receive an invitation to a meeting to discuss fixtures and fittings – at the same time, you will receive a checklist to help your preparations.

For example: Where will the furniture be put? Best of all, use the plans to draw and indicate this prior to the consultation. Generally, this will make it much easier to then position sources of light, service connections, etc. Or: Where should the telephone, TV connections and power points be placed? Are you planning to use cable TV, a rooftop aerial, or a satellite dish?

Step 7: Consultation on fixture and fittings

Ausstattungsberatung Hausbau

The fixture and fittings consultation takes place, depending on the size of the house and the fixture and fittings involved, on 1-2 days in one of our three Schwörer Design Centres. SchwörerHaus will cover hotel costs – including breakfast – as well as catering costs in the Design Centre. On these days, you will be looked after and advised by one of our fixture and fittings advisers throughout the whole day. He will answer all your questions that you have either brought with you or which have arisen in the course of the consultation. The kitchen planning will also be done at this time, if you ask us to do this.

The fixture and fittings advisor will draw up a log containing all of the details on the house and will send this to you. Once you have confirmed this, the materials will be ordered.

At the same time we will require a confirmation of the financing for the house. Once this has been received, walls, ceilings and roof parts will go into production – exclusively in our main plant in Hohenstein-Oberstetten.

Step 8: Building site meeting

SchwörerHaus Bauherren

During the same period, the conversation between you, our Schwörer site manager and the local building contractor will take place directly on the construction site. After this, we will start the digging and excavation. Subsequently, we will lay the floor slab and, if necessary, the basement assembly takes place.

Only after the basement or the floor slab has been built, the total amount for the basement / floor slab is due.

Step 9: House building & interior work - Hand over of keys

Hausmontage SchwörerHaus

About 8 weeks later, we generally start assembling the house, including the following interior work.

The complete interior work are carried out by a well-rehearsed assembly team, which works hand in hand. The building site is managed by a Schwörer site manager, who also handles the key handover with the customer – only now 90% of the house costs are due.

Step 10: Service - Even after completion we are on hand to help, for as long as you have the house!

Hausbau Modernisierungsservice

Customer service

Our customer service is available 24/7 – Once the house has been handed over to the customer, the customer service is free for the first few years (5 years according to German law, there is a 2-year guarantee on heating and electricals and a 30-year guarantee on the basic construction of the house).

Customer portal

Our customer service is supplemented by our free customer portal Here you will find great tips on how to look after your house, discount promotions from our partners, for example for paints or repair kits, as well as your current customer service appointments and much more.


If you want to modernise later your house, extend later your house sideways or upwards, you can contact our Schwörer modernisation service. Here you will find further information and references.

N.B.: The time specifications for each individual step can vary depending on the building project and the capacity utilisation. Our scheduling department will be happy to help you with this at any time.

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Outstanding quality, attractive design, good price-performance ratio and reliable customer service are our claims – all naturally in consideration of nature and the health of our customers.

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