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Individual villa

Customer story Buser

modernes Einfamilienhaus beleuchtet

Customer story Buser

Andreas and Marlene Buser already had a stylish, semi-detached house. However, when the building owner’s brother built his house, they wanted to do it again for themselves – but this time 100% according to their own ideas.

The new house was to be simple and have two storeys – a classic villa but with a modern interpretation. The white render, grey roofing and anthracite-coloured window frames match the colour scheme inside the house. The couple placed great emphasis on window planning, as this gives the house its special touch. In intensive cooperation with the architect, narrow landscape and portrait formats were positioned to correspond to the floor plan. These not only give the house individualilty but also provide a certain dynamic in the rooms.

Dream house with no compromises

Favourite spots inside and out

Individuelle Villa mit Pool

For the builders it was clear: in the country, in a pretty village, but not in the new-build area. A dog and a cat would be future companions, as the ideal residential form for the Buser family also includes living with pets. Moreover, the construction family likes to spend time outdoors and wanted plenty of green around the house, as well as enough space for a large pool.

They commissioned Swabian prefabricated house manufacturer SchwörerHaus for the implementation. “The company has a good reputation in the region and gets its customer houses planned individually by local architects, and the offer was right. We were particularly pleased with the price transparency,” Andreas Buser says. “Building consultant Rolf Schelb also gave us a sense of security with his commitment and professionalism,” his wife adds. The enterprising couple was naturally also happy with the fixed price guarantee and the payment of 90 percent after acceptance of the house.

More impressions of the house

Today, Marlene Buser often spends time in the kitchen. The cat often keeps her company here, obviously also appreciating the bright, tidy ambience. Through the window strip positioned above the corner, the building owner can see the courtyard entrance area with its convenient car port and the residential road.

For daughter Sydney, the best thing is the pool. The whole family enjoys the refreshing water fun. As the home on the international border triangle receives plenty of sunshine, adequate shade was considered: the generous patio canopy allows almost year-round outdoor experiences.

Ground plans

Ground floor



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