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Detached house with bay

More living space thanks to bay windows

Einfamilienhaus mit Erker

Single family house from SchwörerHaus

A two-storey bay makes a detached house with pitched roof stand out. On the ground floor, the bay creates a cosy dining area and bathes the indoor space in plenty of natural daylight. It also extends the available space in the approximately 50 sq.m. living/dining/kitchen area. On the top floor, the rooms also benefit from more light and room height.

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Detached house with bay: ground plan

Detached house with bay: data

Catalog number

E 15-174.3

External dimensions

10,91 x 9,08 m

Net footprint of ground floor

89,64 m²

Net floor area Top floor

87,60 m²

Net floor area total

177,24 m²

Haus Keller

Schwörer basement

83,78 m²

Roof pitch/jamb wall

30 ° / 165 cm

Detached house with bay: advantages

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